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  • Writer's pictureHon Sam Farraway MLC

Private Members Statement: Nyngan Affordable Living Units

Recently on one of my many trips out West I visited the home of the Big Bogan, Nyngan to talk with locals and open the new affordable living units.

The four units built on the corner of Dandaloo and Cobar Streets were made possible thanks to a Stronger Country Communities grant received by Bogan Shire.

The units were made available to people over 60 who qualify for the Pension and who have resided in the Bogan Shire for at least 10 years.

The monthly rental for the units will be set at 25 per cent of the Australian Aged Pension.

There to cut the ribbon with me was new resident of the units and Nyngan legend Jim McGirr.

Jim had recently been through some tough times with health concerns and losing his home to a fire but talking to him you wouldn’t know it.

Jim was smiling from ear to ear and was more than happy to tell me all about his new unit and how much it meant to him to have been given the opportunity to call one of these new units home.

“It was like winning the lottery when I found out my application was successful” Jim said to me as we chatted on a new bench out the front of the units.

Wendy Clissold, another resident shared her excitement and thanks to Bogan Shire and the State Government for funding these units on Facebook saying how great the location of the units is and how wonderful they are to live in – and Wendy I totally agree!

This project showed great vision and dedication to the local community and is a great example of how we as a Government are making a real difference to people’s lives through the Regional Growth Fund and it’s programs such as Stronger Country Communities.

Seeing the smile on Jim's face and comments like Wendy’s is all the validation I need to know we are doing and achieving great things throughout the regions and I congratulate Bogan Shire Council on their delivery of these fantastic units.


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