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About Sam...

As a lifelong resident of the Central West and a former small business owner, this community is my heart and soul. I know firsthand the pride we all share for our local communities and the neglect we all currently feel as life gets harder and harder under the Albanese Labor Government.

Families across our region are struggling to pay their mortgage, cover the rent, afford their power bills and put food on the table. The Albanese Labor Government has lost sight of the challenges that our region is currently facing – from failed referendums that divided our nation to a renewables only plan, it’s clear that Canberra have been ignoring the real issues facing us.

Crucial local projects like the Great Western Highway upgrade, a project that is desperately needed for the future of our region, has had its funding cut under the Albanese Labor Government, whilst our farmers are having their prime agricultural land ripped up for a reckless renewables’ rollout.

Our communities need change, we need a new vision, a fresh set of ideas and change in how we are represented in Canberra.

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