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A suite of fee-free short courses are now available for people looking to secure jobs or further their career in hospitality, as part of a new NSW Government program which aims to supercharge the sector and grow the economy.

Nationals Upper House MP Sam Farraway said the Kickstart Your Career in Hospitality program means locals looking for a career change now have the opportunity to learn the basics of the hospitality sector.

“We want more people to consider their future in the hospitality industry by offering free short courses that can help people secure jobs in local cafes, pubs, clubs or restaurants,” Mr Farraway said.

“Being a town known for its spectacular wine and food it’s critical for our local economy and local tourism that we continue to attract workers to ensure our favourite coffee shop or watering hole stays open.

“The NSW Nationals got our regions moving again by creating more jobs and opportunities for locals, giving them, for the first time, a real chance to remain close to home and still have that rewarding career or raise a family.

“We have effectively stopped the brain drain from our regions and by continuing to invest in programs like this one we will keep more young people here and keep local businesses thriving well into the future.”

Minister for Hospitality and Racing Kevin Anderson said the NSW Government is continuing to work with industry to address crippling labour shortages, but also foster career progression and retention through scalable upskilling opportunities.

“These fee-free courses are designed to be short and quick, but also scalable so staff take up additional training opportunities, to develop further skills over time, as they desire,” Mr Anderson said.

Owner of the Globe Hotel in Forbes Michael Spice said the initiative would help local businesses struggling to retain staff, professional workers looking to upskill and anyone seeking a career in hospitality.

“The past few years have been tough for local pubs and cafes to find and keep staff,” Mr Spice said.

“Our local economy relies on tourists and locals getting out and supporting their local. This has been a challenge because without manpower, we cannot provide the best customer service that our patrons deserve.

"With a brand-new restaurant opened recently on Dowling Street, we have been struggling to find workers.

“Finally, with this program running, we will finally attract locals looking to get their foot in the door of such a rewarding career path.”

More information about eligibility criteria and enrolments is available

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